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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blogger's a Bummer

I have been concentrating on writing at my http://armsreach.wordpress.com blog instead of this one. This blogger blog does not seem compatible with Google's search bots. Isn't that the strangest thing?
I expected blogger to be favored by Google's search. This does not seem to be the case. Good. But I am miffed about how this blog, hosted by google's blogger, is not compatible with google's seach bot. It won't index this blog. Google's webmaster tools say so.
I've gone through all of the settings several times. And I combed through the help files and the forums. But to no avail.
So, don't expect much from this blog. That's just as well since I am probably the only one who has ever read it! Thank-you Blogger!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Auto Industry Bailout

Auto Industry Bailout

There is a lot of news recently about the Democrat’s leadership supporting a bailout of the US automobile industry. US automakers have arrogantly managed themselves out of their market. Yet they have convinced Congressional Democrats to bail them out. That seems odd since Democrats are big union supporters and big businesses are anti-union. So why would Democrats want to bail out the big automakers?

For the sake of big labor unions, the Democrat’s leadership is willing to rescue big businesses. Labor unions need big business. Unions lose their effectiveness when their workforces are spread over many companies in an industry. When that happens unions are forced to compete with each other. It becomes almost impossible for a union to dominate an industry when the industry is dominated by many employers. A strike called by a union under these conditions only affects a few unionized companies.

A labor union controlling the workforce of a company that dominates an industry also dominates that industry. When that union calls a strike the entire industry suffers. And it is easier for unions in an industry dominated by only a few companies to coordinate their efforts. These big unionized businesses are forced to share their profit advantage with their unionized workers. The workers, of course, must share their extra pay with the union’s management by paying dues. And big business’s domination over workers is replaced by big union’s dominance.
It has been said that the power of big business is limited only by the power of government. In other words, a business cannot impose either it’s will on consumers or forcibly acquire rights to property without the government’s ability to give it that power. The same relationship to power exists for unions. They can only be as powerful as the businesses whose labor force they control. Congressional Democrats need to save big businesses to save their big union constituents.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Rupert Murdoch Spreads the Infection.

While in Australia Rupert Murdock gave a speech recently that urged Australians to stop middle class social programs. The details about exactly what the middle class gets is not the point here. The point being made here is that Rupert Murdoch's advice will infect Australian society with the kind of resentment that has gutted America's ability to help its poor.

Conservatives in America have waged a successful campaign to exclude all but the most desperate people from having access to social welfare programs. To use an analogy, America's social safety net for people below retirement age is strung so low that those unfortunate enough to fall into it still hit rock bottom. Middle class Americans need to fall a long way before they will be eligible for government assistance.

This is supposedly done to keep government small and save taxes. Let me digress for a paragraph to show the fallacy of this reason: The result of letting so many people become poor has caused an increase in police forces to help cope with petty crimes and chase off homeless people. And it is difficult to hide these populations of disenfranchised people in Urban centers. Their visibility scares the middle class to the suburbs. And the sprawl of the suburbs causes extra expenses. The costs for government that is associated with maintaining residential roads and other infrastructure over vast areas are enormous. And then there are the long term costs on the environment and food production as once pristine farmland and forests are turned into subdivisions. There is not enough space here to list the cascade of expenses that replace the cost of helping people stay in the middle class.

Now back to the point: Breeding resentment is what weakens support for social programs. The only reason why people are against social programs is that they resent having to subsidize other people. The number of people who feel that resentment is directly proportional to the number of people excluded from enrolling in those programs. Exclude more people from enrolling in social programs to increase the number of people against those programs.

Imagine, for example, what would happen to support for America's public education system if only children of poor families were allowed to enroll. All middle class families would have to pay for private education. The middle class would then demand that any family with the remotest chance of affording private school for their kids also be excluded from enrolling in public schools. And then they would demand to minimize and cut corners of services offered by public schools. The injustice of the segregated school system would return. Resentment would keep school taxes down to a minimum.

Rupert Murdoch is a member of the only class of people that benefit from excluding the middle class from participating in the government's social programs. Members of he upper classes are least likely to ever rely on social programs. But they would pay taxes into those programs just like the lower classes. People in these elite classes should be smart enough to know that the social and economic stability these social programs create also protects their property from desperate mobs. But the resentment felt by people like Rupert Murdoch make them complacent.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fed Causes Stock Market Rally

What is behind the big rallies of the stock market?

Average traders are saying that there is no recent news to justify the stock market rally on Tuesday. The rally is probably an effect of the Fed's very recent injection of over 150 billion dollars worth of capital into companies that play the market.

Where is that bailout money going? Much of it is being used to maintain executive perks and bonuses. Some of it is being hoarded as cash. That is why the Bush administration felt compelled on Tuesday morning to threaten companies participating in the bailout to invest those funds. The banks are not investing in the real economy. So the only other place for them to put the bailout money, besides hoarding it, is into the stock market. No wonder then that there was a rally.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sarah Palin Betrays John McCain's Cause

John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate after the Democratic Party decided not to include Hillary Clinton in this race for President. Analysts believed the class resentment, feminist aspirations, and an undercurrent of racism that were stirred up by the Clinton campaign against Barack Obama during the primaries could be used by the Republicans to lure Democrats to vote for McCain. So John McCain chose Sarah Palin to continue Hillary Clinton’s work.

Sarah Palin was supposed to attract feminists and working class voters to John McCain. She was also supposed to appease abortion foes within the Republican Base. But Sarah Palin only perfected Hillary Clinton's mistakes.

Hillary Clinton lost the Democratic nomination for President because she revealed how mean and dirty she was willing to be to satisfy her ambition. Voters, especially the independent and Democratic Party's voters, had grown weary of mean and dirty campaign tactics. That was part of the 'change' voters were looking for and Barack Obama offered it. Hillary Clinton showed that she would not bring the kind of change people wanted.

Sarah Palin is revealing that she is more willing than Hillary Clinton to use mean and dirty tactics. She has gone beyond exaggeration and misrepresentation. Sarah Palin has demonstrated a willingness to repeat anything she is told even if it is obviously a lie. Accounts of her willingness to abuse her power as Governor of Alaska are being substantiated. And she is even betraying John McCain.

The latest news about Sarah Palin is that she has stopped working for the McCain Campaign. She has instead begun working for powerful Republican PACs that see McCain as a lost cause. They are using her to consolidate the Republican Party base and work it into a frenzy. She even sees herself as the post election leader of the Republican Party.

Sarah Palin has alienated feminists and working class voters who want the kind of ‘change’ Barack Obama is now expected to deliver. And she has alienated the part of the Republican Party that used to support John McCain. She has only attracted the extremists within the Republican Party. Sarah Palin is not the Republican Party’s version of Hillary Clinton.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Economic Treason

According to this article, we are being robbed by the Bush administration and other market insiders. Apparently the bailout for investment banks is being used to 'pump & dump' the stock market so market financiers can milk common investors for everything they have.

If you thought the real estate bubble's pop has been severe, then you are going to die of fear when you understand how overblown the financial market has gotten. The derivatives market, which allows investors to place bets on future market performance, has ballooned to more than the gross domestic product of the entire world! Well over 100 trillion dollars worth of paper wealth is at risk. There is no way to save it without enslaving taxpayers the world over for a very long time.